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America's Salute to Mediocrity

By Richard Njaguna King

August 12th, 2020

My Constitutional Right to be Mediocre


So, you think you heard Roman Hruska laughing, right? Funny you should mention it, I’ve been hearing him laughing in my head for nearly four years. You may not be old enough to remember Nebraska Senator Hruska who died in 1999, but I’m certain that he was laughing like crazy in 2016 when the Republican Party chose Trump as its nominee for the highest office in the land. Certainly, the good departed Senator was laughing even louder when the very idiot candidate was chosen by the Electoral College in November.


Let me answer the question why I know our long dead Senator was laughing, somewhere, while most Americans were crying and cussing after an important Presidential election going to pots. Obviously, Hruska was happy and laughing at America because he had finally got his revenge.


Who was Roman Hruska you may wonder? He was a man who spent 22 years representing Nebraska in the US Senate and, all he is ever remembered for is his spirited and public defense of “mediocrity in America.” He is not known for anything else, even though he served in Washington through some of the most contentious decades and times in American life: the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement, the Great Society. But when President Nixon looked south to Florida to select Judge Harold Carswell as his nominee for the nation’s highest court, the US Supreme Court, everyone in Senate called the judge “too mediocre to deserve” such a seat and honor, Hruska leapt to his defense and to the defense of the losers and underachievers in America, les mediocres. Hruska had the courage to ask in public, “what’s wrong with mediocrity.” He insisted that there were a lot of mediocre judges, and lawyers, and people who were entitled to a little representation and a little chance. Both Hruska and his unqualified Floridaman judicial candidate were widely ridiculed.


Senator Hruska paid the price for his vainglory, misguided support for American mediocrity.  He became a footnote in the history, just one in a long line of ignorant bench-warming American politicians. But not many people were harmed or suffered from his misguided attempt to promote the idiots amongst us to the most important jobs in the land.


That brings us to 2016 and our national decision to reject common sense, experience, and intellect, and put our future in the hands of a boastful reality TV host and his bully band of morons. Now, less than four year later, we have become the laughing-stock of the whole world and are dropping dead from the spread of deadly germs which most countries were able to control with a bit of common sense and proper judgment.


Now in 2020, America is at the mercy of an army of mask-less imbeciles who roam the country, from political rallies to supermarkets, flaunting their constitutional right to congregate during a time of pandemic, while knowing full well that they are risking sickness and death to others and themselves. So, American exceptionalism has surrendered, in full, to the darker side. Now any blowhard governor can get on TV and try to force teachers and students to return each day to infected closed spaces, to congregate and die, all for the sake of them boasting about reopening the economy. Scientists who issue warnings and tips against reopening too soon are being insulted by our leaders while health professionals are being threatened by the public. At the very time that America needs guidance from its smart exceptional scientists, they are being besieged and belittled by waves of mediocre morons in high and low places. 


But all is not lost, yet. There are still lots of super-intelligent scientists and researchers working hard on developing vaccines to designed to save us from these invisible covid 19 germs. But will the vaccines work if a large group of Americans opt-out and refuse to take them. I believe not. Mediocrity will win out I expect, and it won’t be long before we all heed the good Senator’s call to surrender our lives to the whims of dumb leaders, dumber judges and the dumbest of citizens.


Copyright August 2020

Njaguna Rich King