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Amnesty International 112

Why do we care about at Amnesty International 112? The concerns brought by our members first, because when we have a personal connection we care more. Human nature.

I first started attending AI112 meetings in 2013 when I discovered that a long-time friend and colleague was coordinating the group and I was trying to get released from Pretoria Central Prison 20 Congolese refugees who were caught between bribed South African cops, a Congolese president, and a life of miserable grind as refugees with few rights in South Africa. AI112 listened, gave their name, and with other widespread help, all the men were released after two years in jail.

In 2016 when I was returning from a refugee camp in the north of Zambia the car was stopped by cops wanting a bribe. The driver told them I was from Amnesty International, the cop swore and sent us all away immediately.

The very name has power, because we are known to care about the rule of law, and of decency. SJ Dodgson April 28, 2022, New Jersey.
Eric Young explains why he is living in Philadelphia after being an active member if the Black Panthers in the 1960's. Two videos, 2nd follows on directly from first. Story about Mumia Abu Jamal, and also the Black Panther movement to give Black Americans access to jobs, education, healthcare, and decent and long lives.
Humiliating and threatening women in US prisons by denying free access to menstrual products click here
May 28 2020 Amnesty International 112 meeting that was held online during the 3-month pandemic stay-at-home orders by NJ and PA governors click here.