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The Language of Peace

Nazis won this round. SJ Dodgson MJoTA2016 v10n21228

The language of peace is sometimes a work of art. Freiburg-im-Breisgau is a work of art, a beautiful town in the south-west of Germany near the border to Switzerland and France. The warmest part of Germany, with hills just the right size for growing wine grapes, and for scientists to walk over. And surrounded by mountains with clear sky above the clouds. Scientists have for centuries been drawn to Freiburg

In Dec 2016 I was communicating with folks descended from Jews who fled Nazi oppression and genocide from Freiburg-im-Breisgau. Since 1938 the destroyed synagogue site was cleaned up and a park made inside its footprint. Always for me the highlight of going to Freiburg was walking through the park and enjoying the quiet and being very aware of what happened there, click here.

Now, all parts of the old synagogue have been removed, and the only memorial to Jews in Freiburg has been obliterated. This really upsets me, because it means the Nazis in 1938 have won. I am hoping to get the city to recreate the footprint in
another area, and looking for relatives of German Jews to help me. My 3rd son and daughter are children of a Holocaust survivor, their father's existence was illegal when he was born in 1941 near Frankfurt.
"There is no way to peace: peace is the way"
"Calling for peace without acting is hot air."
"Peace is created with jobs, education and health: give young people hope and they will work together for a peaceful future."
A long-lost speech of the Rev Martin Luther King jr. He gave it in Dec 1964 on his way to Sweden to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Music from Ramu Raj, a gentle musician in Madras, in India, who lives in peace and wants everyone else to click here
American Youssef Kromah aka Seff Al Afriqui talks and raps about peace and good behavior  click here
Resistance vocabulary click here