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Pennsylvania has always been an interesting place. My own connection started when William Penn traveled to take up his property given to him that was stolen by the king of England. William Penn was a Quaker, and well-acquainted with a group of Quaker linen makers in Lurgan, which is part of Ulster, since 1922, one of the 6 counties of Northern Ireland. 

My own ancestors through my mother's direct male line were part of this group of Quakers, who had joined former Cromwellian soldier Thomas Edmondson when he left England and violence and oppression behind in 1652.

My ancestors were Uprichards, and my direct ancestors remained Quaker long enough for my mother to remember and tell me about the serenity and calm of her own grandmother Christine Stewart Uprichard. And for my mother to be admitted to medical school in Belfast in 1934. Education of women, of all, has always been a huge part of being a Quaker.

Because my mother was born in 1915, before the counties of Eire were liberated from British rule, and from the British Commonwealth, I have all the rights of an Irish citizen. And UK citizen, my father was English and I was born in England. And American by naturalization. The sort of mix that William Penn and his Irish Quaker Friends were. 

When William Penn came to Pennsylvania, he was accompanied by folks from the Lurgan group, making me part of the American experiment of human rights from the beginning.

In the 1990s Pennsylvania elected a senator who had an agenda that included local, state and federal control of women's bodies, choice of partner and gender and sexual identity. Local activists had joined together in a magnificent battle against the stigma and lack of help for a disease which emerged in 1981, HIV/AIDS, and were ready for him. They managed to turn the innocuous name Santorum into an extremely vulgar noun, santorum. Look it up. Gross, huh?

Can we do something equivalent to the last name of POTUS45? Change its meaning as a noun and verb and completely remove its use from polite society? I will start by saying that as a noun, a trump is a female-genitals grabber. As a verb, it is the action of a person who does this. As a last name, it means a gaslighter: someone who lies to you and makes you believe him rather than your eyes, ears, nose, touch.

So you are going to have to change your resistance signs to
"Love overcomes hate"
which sounds a whole lot better than
"Love orangeturds hate"
"Love female-genital grabs hate".

And I am sure you clever gamblers can do something in the casinos with your terminology. POTUS45 became massively wealthy by bankrupting you and other businesses in Atlantic City and other places. He is not your friend.