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Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang has been running for president before any other self-described or occasional Democrat. He wears a pin that says "MATH". He is proud of being the son of a man with a PhD in physics.

That would be enough for me to like him, but he is more. He is a philosopher, and like all good philosophers, is a keen observer about how we live our lives, what we are doing right, and what we could be doing better. He is also a team player, saying he will support whoever is the nominee.

Personally, I will support whoever gains the Democratic nomination but may leave the United States if Bernie is the candidate, he pretends to be a Democrat only when it suits him. I really liked Kamala, Corey, and Julian; and they will all be working hard to remove the PotUS that Russia, Zuck, and Rupert stuck us with in 2016. Sob.

This is not paid for by Andrew Yang, or any of his supporters. I do not take advertising on any of my websites, ever. I am an informed citizen of the United States of America, naturalized in 2008 after 30 years in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey.

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If you really, really need a MATH hat, or just want to read his policies, you can buy one and read at

MATH could be an acronym for Make America Think Harder, or maybe it is all about mathematics. Math. Both work for me.