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I have been to countries which have benefited from Clinton Foundation medicines. And both Clintons always made a point of never accepting any payments from the Foundation. The Clinton Foundation started when Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton wanted to get AIDS medicines to poor folks; they gathered together rich folks for a party in NYC for which the guests paid a steep fee and had to make huge financial commitments to poor folks. I went to the one in 2012 as press. And I have been to 5 African countries and seen the free drugs on the shelves in remote areas.
Hillary has an implementable and progressive climate change policy that is good for California, and the world
On the second night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was nominated the flagbearer for the Democratic Party.

During the convention,  the goals of the Democratic Party were put together is a document, the Democratic Platform. To download and read it click here

In New Jersey, ballots for the Nov 8, 2016 election were mailed in mid September, and all voters known to the publisher, including the publisher, has voted for Hillary Diane.