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Help Ukraine

Below video is the entire speech the president of Ukraine made to US Congress. President Zelenskyy did not sugar-coat the awful consequences of war, to watch it to have to sign into YouTube and swear that you are over 18. I guess YouTube believes that only Ukrainians over 18 are being maimed and killed in Ukraine. 
The speech lasts 18 minutes and is in 3 parts:
1. details what has happened in Ukraine and what is needed
2. video of beautiful areas of Ukraine before the war, then explosions and the injured and the dead
3. President Zelenskyy speaking in English and asking for a "no-fly" zone over Ukraine. 
All throughout, President Zelenskyy expresses gratitude for what help Ukraine has been getting, but he explains that this has not been enough. Do more. All of us. SJD 20220317
20220316. Ways to help Ukraine 
1. Demand on internet platforms, on streets, marketplaces
- Russia STOP its invasion
- Russia withdraw from eastern Ukraine territories
- Russia withdraw from Crimea
2. Visibly support Ukraine
- wear yellow and blue
- donate to Ukraine businesses
- celebrate every act of resistance by Russians inside Russia & surrender of Russian troops
3. Contact elected officials
- send them letters of support for Ukraine government
- sign petitions of support for Ukraine & condemnation of Russia
4. Donate cash to organizations who have folks on the ground in Ukraine, such organizations are listed here. Sending cash is better than sending supplies from the US because of transportation costs and time; better to send them cash directly or send cash to folks who can bring supplies from neighboring nations.
All about Ukraine click here
All about Russia click here

World Central Kitchen is an organization with the main goal of feeding people throughout the US, and now in Eastern Europe. 

Read through their website, see what they are doing right now in Ukraine, good folks to donate to

Subscribe to the Kyiv Independent. Its journalists have kept us informed before and after the Russian invasion on Feb 24, 2022 and continues to report in dangerous places at great risk to their own lives. 

The Kyiv Post was bought in 2021; the entire staff resigned and started their own news media, which is Kyiv Independent. I know that every dollar goes to Ukraine and brave Ukrainians. Every subscription helps to keep Ukrainians and the Ukraine economy alive. 

Click here or go directly to
Ukrainian churches in Philadelphia are collecting goods and money. Personally, I ask you to send money, the costs of transport and time taken diminishes the value of your gift; a cash amount can go much further and goods can be bought in Europe and taken to where they are needed. 

St Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church in North Philadelphia:

Ukrainian Catholic Church in Philadelphia:
Ukrainian American club in Philadelphia:

"For 110 years,  the UACA has provided financial aid to Ukrainian causes, assisted in the resettling of Ukrainian refugees upon their arrival to America, and hosted a variety of Ukrainian organizations' benefits and fundraisers, as well as, served as their headquarters."

Below, statements from letters from Teresa Harder of the American Bible Society. When Russian invaded Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, after troops had been building up and encircling the country for two months, workers in the American Bible Society were offered evacuation. I am not sure how many left, but some did not, including foreigners, and stayed to provide physical and spiritual aid the best they can. In a group call on March 16th 2022, I listened to workers on the ground in Ukraine saying that churches all over Ukraine are begging for more Bibles for comfort, prayer, and funeral services. And food. And water. Please send them a dollar or two if you can. All money earmarked for Ukraine will go to Ukraine. SJD 20220317

From Teresa Harder, The American Bible Society:

In the wake of WWII, the Ukrainian Bible Society helped highlight the need for Scriptures for Ukrainian refugees and have been working alongside partners to share hope in the region ever since. For the last decade, they have specifically focused on expanding Bible-based trauma healing work in Ukraine—and have committed to efforts to bring encouragement to displaced families, inhabitants of areas close to the front lines, families who have lost loved ones, and those in search of truth and comfort during the ongoing conflict. And, the need is even greater now as they are facing full scale war.

There are four Bible Society offices in Ukraine:
(1) Kyiv,
(2) Kharkiv (close to Eastern Border),
(3) Kherson (South Ukraine, close to Crimea) and
(4) Lviv (Western Ukraine - where lots of people are heading these days trying to escape from the war).

The leaders of the Bible Society of Ukraine have reached out for help and American Bible Society stands ready. We are responding by working through our partners on the ground and local church leaders to share tens of thousands of Scriptures and Scripture resources to bring peace and hope to those who are suffering,... and also physical aid. We continue to receive reports from the leaders of the Ukrainian Bible Society. I even heard earlier this week that the Bible Society’s efforts have gained them the name “The Angels of Kyiv”. Website is