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Campbell Dodgson MA, CBE went from being a student at New College, to marrying the daughter of the warden of New College, to his funeral held at New College. He did not hide his attraction to men, or by men, but he was always very well behaved, and he was greatly liked. About Uncle Campbell click here.

He was the youngest brother of my hyperactive great grandfather Charles Heathfield Dodgson (Brasenose), the irascible Edward Spencer Dodgson (Jesus) and Major Heathfield Butler Dodgson DSO (Oxford magistrate, died at Radcliffe Infirmary). Dr SJ Dodgson
Oxford Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends maintains an active website with some lovely pictures, here it is click here.
Below, me after reading letters written by Uncles Campbell Dodgson and Edward Spencer Dodgson, and Florence Nightingale at the Bodleian Library, Oxford University, February 21st, 2020. Oh my. Miss Nightingale took no prisoners. She was terrifying, which is why I adore her. I first wrote about her in 2004, I am updating my stories about her as I have learned a lot more about her, and her relation to my own family. Amazing. We are all connected click here. Dr SJ Dodgson