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Repairing Earth

Dr Susanna's evolving list of tiny and big things to do to repair earth
Convince your town or city to make these things happen:

Big things 1: change roads to one-way, single-lane, reclaim the second lane as land to plant bushes, trees

Big things 2: tax every car in my town

Big things 3: turn driveways back into vegetable gardens

Big things 4: ban tar and black surfaces for roads

Big things 5: change source of power for street lights to solar
Biggest things you can do:

Biggest thing 1: walk, bicycle, and use public transportation

Biggest thing 2: get rid of your family's second and third cars

Biggest thing 3: get rid of your own car unless it is your home

Biggest thing 4: solar panels to heat water

Biggest thing 5: solar panels to provide all your house electricity

Biggest thing 6: change your diet to plant-based foods that you grow yourself or buy from local growers
Tiny things you can do:

Tiny thing 1: bring a bucket into the shower

Tiny thing 2: use shower water to flush the toilet

Tiny thing 3: collect rainwater from roofs

Tiny thing 4: eat locally grown food

Tiny thing 5: use & repair Energy Star appliances

Tiny thing 6: repair or repurpose clothes

Tiny thing 7: use energy-efficient light bulbs