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Sahara Reporters publisher arrested in Nigeria
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I share my outrage at the arrest of Omoyele Sowore, founder and publisher of the main Nigerian media based in New York. Sowore was taken out of his apartment in the early hours of August 3rd, and has been detained ever since. Word came through that he was taken to Abuja.

I first met Sowore at a memorial for another brave and outspoken for NIgerian democracy, Gani Fanehwahinmi, in a Queens hotel in September 2009. Sowore was on the barricades with Gani. My favorite story from that event was when Gani was offered an executive position in the Nigerian government. He said that was an act of corruption even asking him.

Is Nigeria better run now than in 2009? Seems not. So many good people trying hard, but looks like the winners are the forces of oligarchs whose goals are to become richer by pushing the faces of the poor further and further into the ground.

Below, Sowore is sitting next to Lisa Vives during the Manhattan Sahara Reporters and Global Information Network 2011 celebration of the birthday of the South African activist and president Nelson Mandela.