Peace Scientists work for peace
POTUS45 is not a Jesus, is not a Hitler. He is an obese demented man of 70 with symptoms of Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease (Dr Susanna was recently operated on by an oral surgeon and a neurosurgeon who are well over 70, being 70 is not the disqualifier). He is a puppet of the far right, as was old demented German President Paul von Hindenburg, who opened the door to chaos and the destruction of millions of lives all around the world. 

A video describing von Hindenburg and his legacy on youtube can be accessed by clicking here.
Make America Kind Again! 

Listen to music about tangerines, eat tangerines, just don't talk about, watch, read about or elect a tangerine, and certainly not a tangerine buffoon. Because tangerine buffoons are dangerous. Interesting how German Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels waved his tiny hands around when he was convincing Germans that evil behavior was a good idea.
The tangerine buffoon aka orangeturd, uses as his personal plane a 757 which can carry 295 passengers: mostly, it carries only him. We have a racist president who has a golden toilet and is superlatively anal. Air Force One is a huge comedown for him. Wait for his executive order to install a gold toilet in Air Force One.

A formerly posted link to a video showed preparations for a flight to UK. His son and a senior executive came along for the ride, following his timetable. He went off to his bedroom and bathroom, leaving them to sprawl out on chairs. His senior pilot was made to jump through hoops: he behaves like an adoring subject, even hand polishing parts of the plane before the tangerine buffoon came on board. The behavior of POTUS45 is chilling, but he apparently pays his staff, aka orangeturdzis, very well.
POTUS45, affectionately known as the orangeturd, is believed by many to be, or have been, a cocaine user click here