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Ernst Lother Blossfeld Dipl Physik (Heidelberg) (he was very proud of having studied physics at the University of Heidelberg) crossed the River Styx on May 10, 2019 and is now rowing with the Valkyries, the angels, the points of light and all things frictionless. He spent his last year in a hospice in the Black Forest; and he died in the area he loved most. I hope in his last days, when his brain and body had been broken after a decade of suffering from Parkinson's Disease, he believed he was cycling and skiing through the fields and forests, and swimming in the lakes. Farewell Lothar, you will not come this way again.
EL Blossfeld May 1 1941 - May 10 2019.

Where is Lothar Blossfeld Dipl Physik, the father of Dr Susanna's 2 younger children?

July 24, 2015. Freiburg. SJ Dodgson

We, the only family members of Lothar Blossfeld, do not know where he is. His daughter and his wife (Dr Susanna) found him in a retirement home in Freiburg in August 2014 after we went to the police to make a missing person's report. I came to Freiburg on July 10 to see him and give him greetings from his children, but he had been kidnapped by Sylvia Maurer-Ilgen from his residence. He was supposed to show up in court on July 13 2015, but he did not. Instead a note from a physician was given, saying he had "hit his head" and had dementia and was unable to come.

During my 3 weeks in Germany, I have not found him. His children, his only relatives, do not know where he is. For nearly 2 years, Frau Maurer has blocked all access to his children, after a lifetime of calling, visiting, loving his children.

I went to Pro Senior Residenz in Freiburg, where they told me that "he was gone for 3 weeks on holiday", I then called a policeman, asking for help. He told me to fire the lawyer handling my divorce, and then refused to take any calls from me.

I believe all is lost, Lothar has been stolen from the Blossfeld family forever. His only son and only daughter will not be able to speak to him. They will not be able to kiss his cheek and push him in a wheelchair or take him to a forest, his favorite place, where the air and the light embrace him and out his worries. They will not be given his family photos and his family treasures, that survived 2 world wars, bombings, the Nazis and the Stasi.

This is a major human rights abuse of an old man who is a close relative of Anne Frank, and whose early years were spent protected by his father because he was the son of a Jewish mother.

Above, picture of Lothar with his only son, his firstborn child, Allister Blossfeld BA (childcare professional), in 1989 in New Jersey.

Below, Allister and Lothar with the older brothers of Allister and Patience. Angus Dodgson Pekala MS (pharmaceutical industry professional in US and Asia) and Miles Dodgson Pekala (robotics engineer in Baltimore).

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Above, Maxim-Gorkji-Strasse in Freiburg-im-Breisgau, where Lothar Blossfeld was taken by his landlady, Sylvia Maurer-Ilgen, in Nov 2013, 2 months after she tricked him into signing a Vollmcht: a non-notarized, no-witnessed agreement that she would be in charge of him and all his finances. He told this to my daughter and myself.

He and the staff at Pro Senior Residenz (pictured below), which is an excellent facility, say that he was abandoned by Sylvia Maurer-Ilgen for weeks at a time, including Christmas, New Years, Easter, his birthday. His only daughter, Patience Blossfeld Dodgson, and I found him there on August 22, 2014, after going to the police in Freiburg and making a missing person's report.

Lawyer Tina Wienecke was hired by Sylvia Maurer-Ilgen to use Lothar Blossfeld's money to file for a divorce from the Blossfeld family. Lawyer Wienecke claimed in divorce court that Frau Maurer was unable to visit Lothar, even though she took over his car that she made him buy for 42,000 Euros, because she was too stressed. Online posts from 2 bridge clubs in Freiburg and others show that Frau Maurer participated in at least 10 bridge tournaments a month during that time, and enjoyed a vacation over Christmas and New Year's. Likely with Lothar's cars (she also took his Audi, Lothar said she gave it to her son) and Lothar's money.
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