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Newton Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends in Camden, New Jersey

Address of Newton Friends Meeting is 808 Cooper Street, Camden, New Jersey.

Our landline phone number, which only works when someone is inside the building (we are mostly outside, taking care of our urban farm) is 856-966-1376.

We share a whole city block with New Jersey Legal Services at 845 Market St, Camden, NJ.

Our city block is bounded by Market Street, North 8th Street, Cooper Street, and Haddon Avenue.

If you are walking or driving down Haddon Avenue from Cooper Hospital to the Ben Franklin Bridge, you will see on your right a huge mural, and then what looks like a city farm with 2 wooden buildings.

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Newton Quakers used to organize feeding the hungry on 2 or 3 Sundays a month:
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How to get to us:

From Haddonfield:

-drive down Haddon Avenue until you pass Cooper Hospital on the left, we are one block after the cop station on the right

-take Patco to NJ Broadway. Follow the Riverline tracks to Haddon Avenue, walk left (west) on Haddon Avenue, away from Cooper Hospital. No more than 1/3 mile.

From Philadelphia:

-walk over Benjamin Franklin Bridge to New Jersey, as soon as you get off the bridge you are about 1/4 mile from Newton Mtg, walk towards Cooper St, then walk left to cross Haddon Avenue

- NJ Transit bus from 12th & Market from Philadelphia: get off on first stop in New Jersey, you are in front of Newton Friends' Meeting

- PATCO from 8th and Market and other stops in Center City Philadelphia (get off at Broadway, which is the first stop in New Jersey, right after you enjoy looking at the Delaware River)

- NJ Transit light rail, Riverline, from Trenton (get off at Walter  Rand Transportation Center), about 1/4 miles: walk east to Haddon Avenue, then turn on Haddon Avenue away from Cooper Hospital and walk past McDonalds, past the police station, past Legal Aid).

-Driving: set GPS on ECO Charter Academy or Legal Aid or 808 Cooper St or corner Cooper and Haddon Avenues. Plenty of parking. Take first exit off Ben Franklin Bridge, follow sign to Broadway, turn left onto Cooper St,  we are right across the street from the gas station.
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Since 1694 -

Newton Monthly Meeting
Camden New Jersey
Newton Monthly Meeting is supposed to meet formally for worship every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 10.30am since February 2016 (until 2016, it was 1st and 3rd Sundays).

Until 2016, we also met on other Sundays for Meeting for Worship between 9 am and 12.30pm while we are getting ready to serve lunch in front of Riverline on Mickle Avenue (aka MLK Blvd). Until 2016, all were welcome.

However, Newton Meeting Monthly Business Meeting occurs whenever 3 or 4 members decide they are not doing anything else. The Property Clerk as well as members active in other meetings and who are terrified of Camden, have changed the locks so that members active in Camden cannot meet for worship, or check to see if the lights, heat are left on and the water is running. Many times have folks have showed up for Meeting for Worship and found that no-one was there to let them in. It happened to me several times before I was given a key in November 2014.

So, unless you are assured that someone can unlock the gates and let you in, on Sundays a good plan is to park at the Meeting House at 8.30am and walk to the Transportation Center. Where you can catch PATCO to 8th and Market (walk to Arch St Meeting at 4th St), PATCO to Haddonfield (Haddonfield Meeting House) or Riverline to Trenton (Trenton Meeting House) or Burlington (Burlington Meeting House). Or get keys.

Where you will be enthusiastically welcomed. Not only do they unlock the gates and doors, but they even post a sign outside saying "all welcome". 

Meeting house, grounds and all parking spaces are closed to all during school times, and on Saturdays. 
Every 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday until December 2015: we used to meet for worship, garden and prepare  a feast for any guest who enjoys vegan and vegetarian food (from 9am) in front of the CVS on Mickle St click here

Dan, shown below left in Sep 2014, and in other pictures taken in spring 2015, is responsible for our small urban farm.

In 1630, we got sick of religionists burning each other at the stake (Protestants, Catholics) and started The Religious Society of Friends.

We so hated murder in the name of religion that we do not require you to tell anyone what you believe. That is your business.

And chopping heads off, machine gunning, bombing little kids in schools and beaches is evil, evil, evil. Being human must come first, ahead of any religious practice.

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