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Walking to Philadelphia from Camden, NJ

When Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church, shows up in Philadelphia, cars will be banned from Philadelphia and roads from New Jersey to Philadelphia will be blocked.

Folks will be walking over the bridge to Philadelphia. Click on the link to download the pages on how to do it click here

From Friday Sep 25 through Sunday Sep 27, Newton Friends Meeting will be open for rest, water, tea, food, gardening, fellowship, and quiet. Quakers are very good at being quiet.

Susanna J Dodgson, daughter of H. Patience Uprichard, Sep 22, 2015

You are always welcome to visit Newton Meeting on Sundays, every Sunday morning.

On 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays when we prepare a feast for our guests, we usually fit in a Meeting for Worship service in the unprogrammed, quiet prayer style. Sometimes someone sings.

Quakers are so averse to religionists arguing and killing and starving folks for religion that we do not question what anyone believes.

Personally, I am a Christian. I have no idea if any other Quakers are, or if they privately follow Jewish or Muslim or Hindu rites. And I will not ask. But to sit quietly with friends who are committed to non-violence, and work in our urban farm and serve food to the hungry: that, to me, is following Jesus.

I love Pope Francis.

And so does our Property Clerk, Dan. Who watched me watch a squirrel hanging backwards on a 6 feet tall sunflower, gobbling down the seeds.

Dan told me he has a trap for squirrels, and has so far caught 5. He opened the back of his car to show me the trap, which is a cage. It contained a happy squirrel, a bread roll in case he got hungry after eating not nearly enough sunflower seeds, tomatoes, collards, broccoli, figs, plus a little dish of water.

Dan drives out of Camden with the squirrel, taking him to a happy squirrel place, woods with acorns where the happy squirrel can be even happier. Let us hope he likes it there.

I am nonviolent with everyone and everything, but have not evolved to be completely nonviolent with squirrels. I am working on it. 
Picture above, Newton Friends' Meeting along Haddon Avenue. Picture taken from gasoline station on corner of Cooper Street and Haddon Avenue. Picture below, Cooper Street looking towards Haddon Avenue.
Walking across the bridge to Philadelphia click here
Instructions from the city of Philadelphia click here
Instructions from the city of Camden: Gateway to the Pope click here
Quakers urban farm in Camden, New Jersey click here
Quakers trying hard in the shadow of Cooper Hospital in Camden click here
Camden free lunch every 2nd, 4th, 5th Sunday in the shadow of Cooper Hospital, the Courthouse and Riverline click here
Italy, where Pope Francis lives in a dormitory. He arrived at the White House for a welcome ceremony in a tiny Fiat. Security everywhere he goes is huge, because he likes to stop his car and bless folks, and accept their drinks and foods. Because of this, everyone within rocket-launching distance of Pope has to be screened and vetted. Italy, video of the journey of Pope Francis click here.
You have 2 choices: stay home, or join the fun. If you want to visit the Camden Quakers' urban farm (aka Newton Friends Meeting) during the weekend, you will have to catch a Riverline train which starts in Trenton, or PATCO which starts in Lindenwold and ends up in 16th and Locust, which is in the secure zone. If you stop by with a sleeping bag, a change of clothes, and a good attitude, you can probably find a corner to sleep, and we will certainly feed you.

And you can either shower under the hose, or wash from the sinks or buckets in one of the two toilet rooms. Being clean and having access to fresh water is a human right, and we take human rights very seriously.